Some progress on the imagebank mirror

Here’s some recent progress on a piece I’m working on. This is a two way mirror that has been bead-blasted on the back in order to create a projection surface.

The projected image is kind of a placeholder for now, but to anybody who’s curious, it’s a processing sketch from last year that generates isoluminant colors.

    • Avery
    • April 26th, 2011

    I would love to talk to you more about this mirror! We have a client who wants to do something very similar. Please feel free to email me at

    • Adam
    • January 26th, 2012

    Hey Conor,

    I’m interested in replicating a simpler version of your rear projection setup. I have a small sample of a half-silvered mirror that I was experimenting with using a slide projector. I’m assuming the bead blaster is necessary to allow the image to properly project through. I don’t have access to that equipment, so I was wondering if a similar effect could be achieved with sandpaper or by any other means. Any direction would be hugely appreciated!



    • Hi Adam,

      Yep, I used a sandblaster to get that nice ground finish. I imagine sandpaper would work, though you’d want to use a power tool. DEFINITELY wear a respirator. Aesthetically, you’ll probably have the biggest challenge getting the finish nice and consistant.

      Another possibility is glass etching cream, though I’ve never used that product before. (The cream is supposed to be safer than hydrofluoric acid, which is so absurdly toxic I almost don’t even want to mention it.)

      If you’re super cheap, you could always tape frosted mylar on the back, or apply a matte acrylic gel medium, or rear-project onto a taut nylon screen…

      Lastly, lighting is everything. What you see in a two-way mirror totally depends the relative illumination of the front vs. the back, so make sure you have a way to adjust the overall room lighting to accomodate the projector.

      Good luck,

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