Geist as it appeared in John Sommers like eight months ago

Geist at John Sommers from conorpeterson on Vimeo.

Catchin’ up with old stuff. This was done with Jitter and Jean-Marc Pelletier’s cv.jit objects (which are in turn based on Open CV. The webcam tracks you and boils your position down into XY coordinates. The person in the video projected on the screen has also been motion-tracked (precomputed, again through jitter). A custom max object I wrote spits out the index of the video frame that best matches your position, so the projection appears to follow your movements. There’s some other bling in there — some custom shaders, some nonsense related to adaptive frame differencing (after all, it needs to run in the space even as the lighting changes) and whatnot.

Image of top level of main patch for "Geist"

Top level of main patch for "Geist"

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