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DIY S.O.S. Beacon for Everyday Use

I recently sat down with a friend to discuss plans for an Infobox at his art space near downtown Albuquerque. You know, a free sort of box in which to put zines, audio cassettes, revolutionary materials, or whatever, all for 24-hour public access. During this process I began to wonder about a kind of universal symbol or beacon that might be co-opted by other likeminded individuals concerned about the state of affairs in our nation and abroad. Jokingly, I suggested an SOS beacon — we could just leave it on perpetually, signifying a constant state of distress. Well, here we go.

It’s mostly made out of free or garden-variety radioshack parts, which should make the thrifty happy. For the sake of variety it uses multicolored lights and varies its speed with the ambient temperature. The housing is from a blown lightbulb, the power supply’s from a junk cellphone charger, and the whole thing’s held together with hot glue! Complete details after the jump.
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