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Cant, as installed at Tamarind earlier this year

Finally edited together the video documentation. Jeeeez! It’s been like eight months!


Cloud, for the 516 fundraiser

Cloud, 2011.
Mixed electronics, test tubes, microcontroller.

This was a kind of one-off for an fundraiser benefitting 516 Arts in downtown Albuquerque ahead of ISEA 2012. The lights flicker, flash, pulse, speed up and so on.

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Another distress beacon

This one was sold at the graduate art association’s annual silent auction fundraiser at SCA contemporary.

Unlike the first one, the design is just monochrome, but MUCH brighter. One power MOSFET controls all the lamps. That low-gauge copper wire that forms the cathode also acts as the heatsink for the piece. Also addressed in this design is that the temperature sensor is now attached to the metal jar lid via heatsink paste so that it’s less affected by the heat given off by the other electronics.

Total power consumption is one watt. :)