Cloud, for the 516 fundraiser

Cloud, 2011.
Mixed electronics, test tubes, microcontroller.

This was a kind of one-off for an fundraiser benefitting 516 Arts in downtown Albuquerque ahead of ISEA 2012. The lights flicker, flash, pulse, speed up and so on.

The electrical design for this piece was an interesting challenge. Each tube hangs from a guitar string wrapped with two other enameled lines (+5v plus the control line which goes to the leg of a transistor). The guitar string provides the path for the return current, which means the entire heatsink assembly up top acts as the ground. This has been slightly problematic in terms of the reliability of the connection between the hook and the heatsink fins, so the design is likely to change once more before I let this one go.

This one’s prototype circuit board was also kind of rough, so I did it the justice of a total redesign.

The device is powered by an Atmel ATTiny2313 running at 20 MHz. The firmware for the device weighs in just north of 1400 bytes.

  1. Do you have anymore info on this project? Code, movie, schematics… It looks very nice and I’d like to see more of it.

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