Catching up from past projects: this one is called Caliper, which I finished in December of 2011. The elongated steel forms have electromagnets inside that cause the wires to resonate in harmony.
Caliper @ SCA

More photos after the jump.

Caliper detail 3

Caliper detail 1

Caliper detail 2

    • JG
    • April 3rd, 2013

    What happens when you have more than 1 electromagnet placed at different locations (say at harmonic points of the wire) and then have the ability to switch which electromagnet is active, allowing it to become an instrument?

    • Well, it works like a guitar without frets. You can tune the wire, but tuning it correctly is too hard for music. The resonance of the system is extremely narrowband, so the wire must be tuned to within .1% of the electromagnet in order to produce any vibrations.

      So sadly, as designed, probably not. :)

      Now, if your next question is “what about having many wires tuned to different frequencies?” then you should stay tuned because that’s exactly what I’m presently working on.

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