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Video bits

Some experimental videos I produced last year in which the content is altered algorithmically.

Lightning: all lightning strikes from a 15-minute period are condensed into one loop, the brightness of which is controlled by the rumbling of distant thunder.

Sundrome: the progression of time is controlled by the throb of cicadas.

Waves: waves from an Oregon beach are graphically quantized according to detail.


Catching up from past projects: this one is called Caliper, which I finished in December of 2011. The elongated steel forms have electromagnets inside that cause the wires to resonate in harmony.
Caliper @ SCA

More photos after the jump.

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Cant, as installed at Tamarind earlier this year

Finally edited together the video documentation. Jeeeez! It’s been like eight months!

Cloud, for the 516 fundraiser

Cloud, 2011.
Mixed electronics, test tubes, microcontroller.

This was a kind of one-off for an fundraiser benefitting 516 Arts in downtown Albuquerque ahead of ISEA 2012. The lights flicker, flash, pulse, speed up and so on.

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