Vector Field

Vector Field, 2013
Steel, aluminum, lasers, piano wire, electronics

Vector Field is a large light and sound installation. Each of the five upright modules is equipped with several acoustic panels that produce a continuous, shimmering oscillation at  harmonically related frequencies. The stands are connected by a chain of laser beams that form a perfect (invisible) pentagon in the air; if viewers break the laser, the installation temporarily shuts off for a period of time.

The combined humming of the 20 acoustic resonators covers one octave of the C# minor scale. As viewers move throughout the space the various combination of notes can be heard more clearly. Additionally, each pair of panels is modulated at low frequencies to vary the overall sound of the installation. Though gentle, the sculpture’s substantial audio presence is thrust into the forefront during an interrupt event; it takes several seconds for the resonance to die away, at which point there is nothing but silence in the space.

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